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Young and free you are,
With your magical smile,
You run fast at least,
In the nicely paradise.

Without shoes or clothes,
You live in your own world,
And the food is not a problem,
Because you are free as god.

Play children play,
And forget about the world,
Just imagine all the joy,
In the beauty of your world.

All the hunger in your eyes,
You can counquer all the smiles,
But remember my old son,
That you are free as god.

Jaime Aymerich

Copyright 2005 Jaime Alberto Aymerich

I'M Thirsty

To see the sun...
To born again...
I'm thirsty...
To find the love...

To touch the sand...
To have your smile...
I'm thirsty...
To be your man...

To kiss the sky...
To feel the life...
I'm thirsty...
To touch your hand....

Jaime Alberto Aymerich



Life is great,
Weird but great,
Life is everything,
Love and hate,
Life is you,
Beauty and soul,
Life is me,
Weak and strong,
Life is a friend,
To talk and tell,
Life is the world,
Tears and joy,
Life is the ocean,
Huge my friend,
Life is understand,
That there is a god,
Life is the pasion,
To create a song,
Life is in you.
Life is love.

Jaime Aymerich


Lovely Wife

Dance with me,
Touch the sky,
Play with life...
Lovely wife..
Stay with me,
Love and cry,
Night and sun
We are one.
Feel the music
In your mind,
Paint the moment
Lovely wife...
Hear the echo
In my heart
We are forever
Lovely wife.

Jaime Aymerich


My Lost Love

The time goes by...
The day and night...
And I remember...
Your lovely eyes.

We use to talk...
We use to walk...
We use to play...
With sand and love.

We touched the sky...
With love all night...
We heard each other...hearts.

You went away...
To other place...
The day you died...
And I remember...
Your lovely eyes.

I wont regret...
Because I have...
And I remember...
Your lovely eyes.

Jaime Alberto Aymerich



I satand, no turning back...
This game is mine...
If you believe...
You can beat me...
Just look that I am here...
No turning back...
This war is mine...
With love and peace and mind...
I am awake and such alert...
Talking with my heart...
I lost before...
I felt in love
But now I know its mine...

Jaime Aymerich


Old Town

Here you are...
Feeling tears in your streets...
You dont go, you are loyal...
My old town...
Do you remeber when we play...
We use to love and cry and stay...
My old town...
I still have the memories...
You gave me, all the moments...
You take care of me...
My old town...
Now I am old, I walk slow...
Let me be with you...
My old town

Jaime Aymerich

Copyright 2005 Jaime Alberto Aymerich

Old Friend Of Mine

We neglect who we are,
We just see like a blind,
In the storm there is calm,
In my heart there is you.

I forgot who am i,
I forgot that we smile,
I remember your face,
Old friend of mine....

Where have I been,
What have I do ?
When I tortured your heart
Old friend of mine...

I forgot who we are...
I forgot thet we smiled...
Oh my memory comes back
Old friend of mine...

I am sorry if I did,
I cant be without you,
And my help will be yours,
Old friend of mine...

Jaime Aymerich


My god princess

when you talk to me...
the earth shakes...
the sea vibrates...
the hurricanes go mad.

and I pray to you ,
and I ask you....
to come back to me,
to be with me.

when you look at me...
the wind is a tornado...
the fire is a flame,
the volcano makes eruption.

because you are my god princes
the most beautifull
and you know to love
how I love you.

you know to heel me with your hands,
you know to clean my heart.

and I pray to you, to come back
to be together in eternity.

Jaime Alberto Aymerich


Loyal Friend

Infinte space,
Serenity flight,
Impatient wind,
Eternity love.
I imagine mountains,
And a sweet sea,
I breath peace.
And I decide to be,
Confronting your eyes,
I start to admire.
I blow away the evil,
Of the stong hurricane,
And I dream awake,
With your heart beat
My strong friend.
I find you again,
In all lives,
Smiling to play.

Jaime Aymerich




Owner of the sea,
Friend of the sand,
Companion of the wind,
You are just one of a kind.

You paint with your thoughts,
With the magic of your love,
And the italy you touch,
Bringing echo to this world.

Donatella is her name,
She is the queen night and day,
And lucia still remembers,
All the magic of sundays.

All the flowers in the spring,
Donatella pick and sing,
And the scent of old days,
Make lucia of love and fate.

Jaime Aymerich

Copyright 2005 Jaime Alberto Aymerich

One silence, one love..
One moment makes it all
We are together, moon and sun.

An old man smiles,
The sea goes wild,
And we are together in the sky.

I touch your soul,
With blue and love,
We sing together more and more.

Life continues and demands
To see the beauty of your eyes.
And together we are one.

Jaime Aymerich

Only You
All the times
In my life...
All the suffering
In my past...
All the tears In my heart...
They hurt in my mind...
Only you Make me smile
Only you Knows who am i
Only you Clean my heart
With tendernes
Love you are
Only you Bring peace
In my life.

Jaime Aymerich

Today i'm here,
Tomorrow, where I want to be?
Miles pass by, towns come and towns go,
White moments, gray moments.
Everything, to go to you.
I decide my world, I decide my tomorrow,
And my today, and I decide to be with you.
Create my dream and wake up in it...
I create it, I did it, I decided.
I fly to you... I feel life...
And I decide my destiny,
Road of my life.

Jaime Aymerich

The Artists Make Love
She sings like an angel,
Has the beauty of love,
But tears in her heart,
Wont leave her alone...

He sits in a wheelchair,
He paints like a god,
He is happy as a king,
In his kingdom of love...

In the crossroad they met,
Two artists of love,
And the desert stopped,
To watch them make love.

Neither sadness nor legs,
Will keep them apart,
But the storm in the desert,
Falls over their lives...

Now the tears in her eyes,
And the passion she has,
Will make this love last,
To the end of all times.

Jaime Aymerich

There is diamonds...
There is gold...
There is woman...
There is love.
You as woman can create...
All the beauty, night and day.
You have courage, you have goals,
You as woman you have love.
Your importance go beyond...
Of all the matters of this world.
With your heart, you give life...
And the family you warm...
You embrace with your arms...
How beautiful you are.

Jaime Alberto Aymerich

Copyright 2005 Jaime Alberto Aymerich

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